49th Isocarp (Пермь, 2012)

Urban planning in conflict society: How to plan and build Berlin wall

Paper was presented at ISOCARP 2012 in Perm (Russia) by Yefim Freidine, Russia

Текст доклада, представленного на Международном конгрессе региональных планировщиков в Перми, 2012

In this article transformation of society and planning systems are considered in parallel. The gap between the soviet planning system, which is a base for contemporary Russian urban planning, and Russian society is filled with existing adaptive approach, which is actually successful in 25% of cases. We propose a conflict-based methodology of urban planning, which can answer needs of contemporary multi-stakeholder situations in Russian cities. This text is about how we should reconsider goals and media of urban planning to answer the need of contemporary society.

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